Closing the (Face)Book

Over the past few months, I’ve been limiting my Facebook usage, but finally came to the decision to delete my account this week.

It’s all too much right now, and until they lose their BOD and get people in there that actually care about user security (I won’t say privacy, because it’s social media…it’s supposed to be public), I won’t be back.

At first, I unfollowed pages to limit the amount of ads I saw for the ones I did follow (plus related companies). Next, I removed/revoked access to all apps that use Facebook as a sign-in or have permission to use my Facebook data.

It didn’t really matter very much to me, since all I’ve been doing for the past couple of years is posting links to articles on InfoSec and EVs, and albums/songs on Apple Music. So, it wasn’t like I was super active on there.

Plus, I can do without seeing all the pictures of my mom’s dog dressed up for every single holiday (no matter how minor)…

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