E.T. Phone Home

I received an interesting phone call earlier this week, from someone I wasn’t expecting.

Let me take a second and back up to a couple of weeks ago, wherein my wife and I were talking about how she is starting to feel restless, as she does when she’s in one place for a long period of time (she’s been in TN for six years).

Now, if you haven’t read any of my posts on Micro.blog or elsewhere down the rabbit hole of the internet, you will quickly learn that I’m not a huge fan of living here in Nashville. It’s a huge combination of the people (re: way of life), the traffic, and the fact that I’m a California boy, born and raised, and I miss the Pacific Ocean (the Atlantic is nice and all, but no).

We started looking for a new place to live sometime last year, with the plan to move within the next 2-3 years to somewhere not in the South. Some of the places we were looking were California, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

I, of course, have been pushing for the move to California, so naturally I’m always looking for houses and new/up-and-coming areas out there. Occasionally, I’ll apply for a job somewhere I’d like to work one day (the last place was SpaceX, as they had some IT support positions open), and always search the hotel scene for any open IT Manager jobs.

I saw a Regional IT Manager position open at the SLS in Beverly Hills, and applied for it, not thinking much of it. I work for a Marriott (Starwood) hotel, in basically the same capacity of what this job would entail. My property is a managed (re: franchised) property, so it’s handled a bit different than this hotel, but I also oversee multiple properties (owned by our management company). This position would be cover the Southern California region for Marriott, being based out of the SLS (and having that hotel be my primary focus).

As you can tell, I got a lot more information about it than one would gather from a job posting.

That phone call I mentioned earlier? Yeah, it was from Marriott saying that they wanted to move me on to the third round of interviews (I spent about a half an hour with the girl from Recruiting), which puts us at Friday morning with the Area Director and Area Manager of IT for the Southern California region.

The wife took the news surprisingly well, saying they’d need to pay me well within what they stated on the phone (and, of course, always negotiable) and cover moving costs (which they will as well). She even stated that she’s been talking to her boss about her possibly doing her job remotely (she’s inside sales for a construction materials company), as she can really do it from anywhere.

It’s looking to me that this might be a real possibility for us. Something I wasn’t expecting to happen for another few months, at the earliest.

My mom said it best, however. She said “It’s definitely a sign since you guys were talking about how Tess is starting to get restless, and now there’s this job.” Which, as much as I don’t like stuff like this, I’d have to agree with her. I am definitely taking it as a sign from the universe that this is something that might actually happen.

Of course, I’ll provide updates on the situation, but this is just something that was too fun not to share (it was either this or how I’m mad at Tesla for wanting to charge me $750 to replace my door handle assembly, when they could just replace the bad part for $25 and labour).

Also, stay tuned as I have another post that I was in the middle of writing before I got this call, about how I want to leave TN for reasons. It’ll be interesting to see how that evolves with the latest revelations.

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