The Same Ol’ Song and Dance

I feel that whenever I get to this point in life, I always end up the same position.

I don’t feel like writing, so I stop.

I don’t feel like recording microcasts or podcasts, so I stop.

I don’t feel like being on social media, so I delete the apps and stop.

In the past, when I would get to that point, I would just do it without thinking about it. Promising myself that I would stick to my guns this time, and that this time would be different than all the other times. Of course, always returning a few days later.

However, this time I think it’s going to be a bit different.

I’ve actually made a plan, and laid out what I want to accomplish. I didn’t really set a time limit on in (as in in 2018, or in the next few months), but set it up more as guidelines.

So, here it is, I guess…

Starting this month (February), this is what I have laid out for myself going forward:

  • I am officially retiring from microcasting and podcasting.
    • This is mainly stemming from the fact that I realized I don’t need to be on every medium in every possible channel. Also, I feel at this point in my life, I’m a more effective writer than I am “personality”.
    • Plus, no one really listens to me anyway…
  • I’m going to focus more on writing.
    • This will include things that interest me
      • EVs, technology, music
    • I am also going to start sending The Weekly Sync again, but focus it more on thoughts on things going on in my life.
      • I will still include photos, and links to things that I’m reading and listening to, but the format is going to change a bit.
  • I am instituting a no-electronics policy after 6PM for myself
    • I started to realize the other day, when my cat was practically begging my wife to put down her iPad and play with him, that I’m starting to get addicted to my personal technology again.
      • I went through this about 13 years ago, and it was pretty bad.
    • The only things that I will allow myself are my TV and my Kindle.
  • I’m going to start focusing more on my health and mental stability.
    • I’ve signed up for a membership at Climb Nashville and I am going to start taking rock climbing and strength training in an effort to lose weight.
      • I was on some medication over the past few years that caused me to gain about 50lbs (23kg), putting me over 300lbs (136kg) for the first time in my life.
    • I have also started researching meditation.

Like I said, this isn’t something that I’m setting a limit on, or even saying “In 2018, this is what I’m doing…” This is more for me to help myself better organize my life, and help me get back to feeling more like myself.

Of course, per my guidelines, this is something that I’ll be writing about as I go along. It’ll be a fun adventure that I’m really excited about and looking forward to sharing it, hoping to inspire at least one person out there to start doing the same.

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